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CAV-SFO   ClearSky Clock
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CAV-SFO     29o 24' 26.34" North,     82d 51m 33.26s West Thinkman Internet Time Service

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Chiefland   - - - Forecast - - -

- - Forecast Seeing with Jet Stream Speed and Turbulence - -
>>>====> MetroBlue - Seeing column 'closely comparable' to observed in CAV.
>>>====> WindyTV - Wind Speed at 30K ft, color indicates speed. Forcast lower Left.
Jet Stream Pattern - Click "300spd". Future Jet Stream - 60hr Animation
ADDS Aviation Weather Turbulence - - Flight Level Turbulence with 12hr Forecast.
Talahassee Radiosonode - - Click 'Text', scroll to "Wind Level Data" sect., 300mb line for Wind Speeds.

GOES-8 VIS NexGen Gulf Satellite SE USA Snapshot ~1MB
GOES-8 WV 6 Day Graphic Forecast GOES-8 Tampa - Visable Satellite

NOAA Gulf of Mexico Index
E.Atlantic/Carribean IR/WV GulfMex WV Loop
GOES "Hot Stuff" Links GulfMex VIS Loop
SouthEast Unisys Enhansed IR & WV  GulfMex IR Loop
NWS TPA GulfMex Radar Loop   Floater - W.Atlantic/Carribean RGB
NexRad Stations Hurricame Model Tracks, click Models
NexRad Regional   Hurricane Tracking
NexRad Radar - Tallahassee   Hurricane Computer Model Forcasts
NexRad Radar - Valdosta   Hurricane Strike Probability Chart